Mill Creek Central Track Diagrams
Initial 1/07/2007 Last updated 07/21/2016

There has been some minor tweaking of the track so it was time to update the diagram again.  

Dick has indicated that Mill Creek Central is now complete --- no more major track extensions  ------ the railroad is now so big that regular maintenance takes nearly all available resources.   A round trip of the main line plus a run up the Logging Division can easily take several hours.  There will probably be some additions of sidings and structures.      


The image above gives an overall impression without the details.  More detailed images can be downloaded for more detailed viewing or printing as follows: 

8 1/2" X 11" Image: Track7_16_16_8.5X17Print.pdf

11" X 17" Image:  Track7_16_16_11X17Print.pdf

22" X 36" Image:  Track7_16_16_22X36Print.pdf

36" X 42" Image: Track7_16_16_24X36Print.pdf

 The  8 1/2" X 11" Image is more than adequate for viewing --- the image can be enlarged or reduced as desired in a pdf viewer to achieve the desired detail.    The images can be downloaded and transferred to a USB flash drive and taken to Staples, UPS stores, Kinkos, etc. to be printed.  (Windows users can right click on the link and then the select the save target as option to save the file locally).   All details are clear when printed on 11" X 17" paper ---- however bifocals or reading glasses may be required.  Our local Staples store (Mt Vernon, Ohio) can make color copies up to 24 inches wide (~$7/sq ft) and black/white copies up to 36 inches wide (~$0.50/sq ft); they make great wall hangings.

Stacey Summerhill has put together some great videos of the track.   The videos are at the following links:

 MCCRR Mountain Division

 MCCRR Valley Division Part One

 MCCRR Valley Division Part Two

Block and siding names are embedded in the videos so it is easy to follow the track diagram.   One neat way is to use a split screen with the track diagram displayed beside the video.  Stacey has added background music so be sure to turn on you speakers.   Thank you Stacey for all your effort and for sharing the result.

Distance markers every 100 feet were placed on the main line track and also on the diagram.  Marker number 0 is just south of McCloy Lane near the beginning of Clee block.  The numbers increase as one travels in the westerly direction to a maximum of 78 at Bryan Loop.   A C prefix is used on the Clee block markers and a L prefix on the Logging Division markers.  The distance markers make it is easy to compute the round trip distance Clee loop to Bryan loop and back  ----  total distance is about 16,000 feet --- over 3 miles ---  about 25 scale miles.    The total distance up the Logging Division and back is abut 4800 feet including the access via Doran Wye which adds nearly an additional mile.     

The next step was to measure the relative elevation at each distance marker.  These data for the main line is displayed above.    It is no wonder that some of the small steamers are having difficulty with the climb up to Apex.  On the other hand, brakes are a necessity on the way down to Middletown.  This image can be downloaded via the link below.  The image is quite nice when printed on 8.5 X 11 paper.  

Elevations (220K) 

Once the elevations were measured it was then possible to compute the average grade on each 100 foot segment.  These data is displayed above.  Note that the grades are for travel in the westerly direction.   The maximum average grade in a 100 foot segment is a little over 3%.  The grade over some shorter segments is probably 4% or greater. This image can be downloaded via the following link.

Grades (180K)

 The elevations and grades are very interesting for the Logging Division and the Mountain Division extension.  We will update this page with that information as soon as possible --- probably fall 2014 

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