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Mill Creek Central's 20 Year Celebration

2019 Large Engine Meet

August 8 - 11

Come join us for the Large Engine Meet.  We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and based on what we're hearing we're expecting a large crowd!  We also plan on another attempt to build and pull a large train around the track this year, I'm hearing discussions of over 120 cars!

Wayne Godshall has been assisting in getting vendors to join us at the meet and we currently have over a dozen planning to attend.  Here is the current list of vendors:

Godshall's Custom Machining

American Model Engineering Supply


Eccentric Engineering

Precision Steel Car

The Machinery Works

Midwest Rail

Enterprise Plastics

Pike River

Keim Pumps

Tom Bee


Walley's Workshop

Railroad Supply

Little Engines

Live Steamer Parts LLC

Erwin Shops

Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading

The Steam Channel

Scott Weatherford

Boston Locomotive Works

Titan Trains

For those interested in camping, Wayne Godshall has made arrangements with Coshocton County Fairgrounds so if this is where you'd like to stay (they have full hookups available) please get a hold of Wayne at 717-582-4405 or call him on his cell phone.

Also on Friday, there will be an effort to get a car pool established (currently planned for 9:00 am) to for those interested in going to the Age of Steam Roundhouse.  See Dick, Wayne or Jim Henry on Thursday, or first thing on Friday, if you are interested in going and/or driving.

Wayne has also recently acquired some fine quality coal from Southern West Virginia, so if you are in need of some, let him know so he can bring it to the meet for you. 

Also don't forget to get with the vendors above early should you wish to order and have your purchases delivered the week of the meet.

If you have further questions please go to the contact page and send Jim Henry or Dick a note.  If you are a vendor wishing to attend please get a hold of Wayne at the number previously mentioned and send Jim Henry an email so he can add you to the vendor list above.

Jim Henry

Mill Creek Central Crew

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