Friday - Sunday Work Session

Volunteers needed for this weekend. The weather should be in the 50's and maybe even 60 on Sunday. Come out and help us get the track ready for the spring, I know everyone else is ready for spring as well!! We have been working between Enon and the Bryan loop area preparing a new industry site , hopefully ready for the next card order session as well as the upper entrance to the tunnel on the mountain division. Several more projects needing your help as well. We hope to see you there.

Making Progress on Projects during this past weekend.

A few of us made it out this past Saturday, prior to the late afternoon rain, to continue to work on projects around the track. One team was working on clearing and cleaning up the area around Enon including building up the bank for the new industry that is going in. With some help we should have it in before the Memorial Day meet / operating session in late May!! This picture looks down the track towards Enon siding where the new industry will be going. We are still finalizing the track layout. Here is the view from the new industry looking up toward the bridge leading to the Bryan loop. Note the added fill on the right to stabilize the bank. The other project was going on at the upper