2019 Ohio Ramble: Aug 29 - Sept 8

Mill Creek Central Railroad along with the Blueberry Railroad, Erie Metro Live Steamers, Lake Shore Live Steamers and Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers are in the process of putting together the 2019 Ohio Ramble, scheduled for August 29th through September 8th, 2019. The current schedule is as follows: Mill Creek Central Railroad August 29 - September 2 Blueberry Railroad September 2 - 3 Erie Metro Live Steamers September 3 - 4 Lake Shore Live Steamers September 4 - 5 Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers September 6 - 8 Look here and at the other railroad's websites for further information as it is made availa

Mainline Reroute to Clee Block

The mainline from Baldwin to the Clee block is in the process of being rerouted. The mainline currently goes across the creek at the same location that McCloy Lane crosses the creek. The existing crossing is too narrow and we've been having trouble maintaining this crossing that is used for both trains and automobiles. To improve the situation we will first be rerouting the mainline and adding a new bridge across the creek. Next we plan on removing the existing crossing on McCloy Lane and replacing it with a wider and improved crossing that will accommodate the large trailers and RV's that typically cross here. The total project will not be completed until next spring but the right-of-wa

Logging & Narrow Gauge Meet, September 20 - 23rd

Who doesn't love the site of a Shay, Heisler or other geared locomotive running up the track in the woods. How about that 2 1/2 inch scale engine swaying back and forth on narrow track. If that's what your looking for then the days of September 20 - 23rd are when you want to get to Mill Creek Central. If you're a fan of 1/8" I'm sure you'll find a few of them as well. Come join us for some late summer and very early fall fun, before it's too late!!!