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Buckeye Limited 2023

Food Plans & Options

For this year's convention we are currently planning to have two food trucks at the track on Friday and Saturday.  If it appears that attendance is strong on the other three days we will consider getting a food truck for those days as well.  

If you should choose to go out and eat instead, there are numerous places to eat, including several sit down dining locations in Roscoe Village and in Coshocton as well.  We have asked the Coshocton County Visitors Bureau for an updated map showing the local restaurants but as of this writing we have not received an updated copy.  The last version was updated several years ago so the existing one is very out of date.  Should we get an updated list we will attach it here on this page and provide a link for downloading.  We will also update this page as we get closer and know who will be our vendors and the times they will operate.  Look back during the month on July for more details.

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