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Welcome to the Mill Creek Central Railroad. To make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time, we have a few safety guidelines:

  1.   MCCR is a privately owned track that is maintained by a volunteer group of friends. We will be wearing burgundy polo shirts and may be stationed at key points around the railroad. If any safety issue arises, please notify a volunteer immediately. If you derail and need assistance, we will have appropriated equipment and manpower available. We are not responsible for damage to equipment so you will need to be an active part of re-railing your equipment. Mile markers are every 100 feet, use these on FRS radio calls for assistance.

  2.   Please follow the signaling system. If you are unsure how it works, ask one of the volunteers. Please be gentle when activating the signals. Even if you have the block, keep an eye out for oncoming traffic. Pay attention to what is going on around you - do NOT keep your head in the firebox. Considering the large number of trains running on the railroad it is acceptable to run multiple sections in a block at once: The first train will take the block (yellow post) and the last train will release the block (green post) as you return to double main line track. Be sure that all trains in the section understand this and notify on coming trains that there are multiple sections. A green signal indicates that no one is in the block and you may trip the switch on the yellow post to claim the block and proceed on your own yellow signal. A yellow signal means someone is in the block traveling the same direction as you and you must wait for the signal to turn green. If your signal was yellow, please wait 10 seconds before taking the block once the signal turns green. A red signal means you must wait as there is a train heading toward you. You may take the block immediately after the signal turns from red to green to avoid train backups. Use only the signal switch on the right to activate the signal, the ones on the left are for opposing traffic.

  3.   Check the end of your train often. We don’t yet require safety chains but with our steep grades, cars can become uncoupled, so we highly recommend them! You must retrieve your cars immediately to avoid collisions. Helper engines may be available for assistance on Keim and Sand Hill grades. The purpose of helpers is to prevent runaways, not to push long trains. Only operate a train you are capable of pulling on a 3% grade.

  4.   If you have continuous derailments or problems with a locomotive or a car, please get into a yard or a siding to fix the problem. We reserve the right to request locomotives or cars to be removed from the railroad if problems persist.

  5.   When parking your train whether for a minute of for the night make sure you are not on the main line. Please ask one of the yard attendants where the best place to park is. They have the final say for all sidings on the railroad. We also ask that you keep equipment unlocked (hydraulics, brakes, etc.) so that if your train is blocking anything it can be safely moved.

  6.   Night running is permitted but please have a white headlight and a red rear marker. Please use horns and whistles sparingly at night, especially around campers and tents.

  7.   Switches are all sprung switches so you can run through them. If you throw a switch, please return it to its    original position. Failure to do so may result in you being placed on the track gang for a week.

  8.   Track speed limit is 5 mph or 40 Scale mph. Violators will have the engineer’s license revoked.

  9.   No alcohol is allowed on the property. This is a family event. Save the drinks for later.

  10.   Run at your own risk. We are not responsible for any injury or damage to property.

  11.   This page is only guidelines and track officials have the final say in any dispute.

  12.   Safety first, please use common sense but have some fun!

FRS Radio Frequencies:

Channel 4 : Yard operations only.

Channel 5 : Volunteer usage. Use only if there is an emergency or you need assistance.

Channel 6 : Reserved for other operations on the railroad. Please stay off this channel.

Channel 7 : Recommended for general talk as you go around the railroad. No volunteers will be on this ! channel for help. Use this to talk to friends, crew, etc.

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