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Apr 30, 2010

It's been a busy week preparing for the first meet this weekend. The track, steaming bay, etc. have been cleaned up and Dick mowed the grass for the first time ----- bet a few moles got haircuts. The hoist and roundhouse constructions were also essentially completed as described below.

Hoist: The first four photos on the right show Jon (with Brody assisting) unloading his Northern and a couple cars onto the hoist/transfer table. Click photos to enlarge them. The hoist has three 20 foot tracks which makes it easy to unload several locomotives and half dozen cars at one time. The hoist can go much higher than the old transfer table so it should be a snap to unload vehicles with two or three levels of storage. The three tracks are easily removed so the hoist can be used to work on autos, lawnmowers and the excavating equipment. The center track is open between the rails making it easy to get at the underside of railroad equipment. The last photo

shows Dick working on the brakes of his diesel. A concern during the design of the base was that it might be too difficult to move the hoist along the track. We had several ideas on how to motorize the wheels. It turns out that it rolls very easily, so much so that it sometimes moves when you want it steady for loading or unloading. Brakes may be the next enhancement. The ramp on the southwest corner of the transfer area (on the left as you drive in) has been lowered to about 8 inch elevation which has the effect of making the area look much larger ---- and one can walk over it instead of around it. A ramp for two discharge tracks on the northwest side into the passenger siding is under construction. The ramps on the northeast end of the transfer area that lead into Barney yard will also be lowered in the coming weeks which should make that area easier to walk around. Thanks to all those who helped with the construction of the base, rails and ramps.

Roundhouse: The doors and interior electrical work have been finished. The roundhouse is ready

for occupancy --- and it already is about one third full. Only a couple stalls are still available for purchase. A few items still need completion such as spotlights, a steaming bay on the south end and a higher power electric feed to both the roundhouse and the lower yard. The photos show the the front from a couple different angles. Note the hopper car loaded with supplies and tools in the last photo. This area of the railroad is only accessible by rail. Thanks to all who helped with the construction of the roundhouse, turntable and associated tracks.


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