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May 14, 2011 - Lower Loop Update

Clee installed the track across the truss bridge early in the week. Looks just like the drawing! (Click thumbnail to enlarge image.)

The main task this week was two grade crossings, one over the driveway and another in the field south of the driveway. Photo shows the form for the crossing in the field. The next step was to move the steel track to the left of the form into position in the form and to then level and support it.

This photo shows Clee installing the track for the driveway crossing. The installed track for the other crossing is visible in the background.

The concrete truck arrived within a few minutes of the scheduled time. The first step was to dump some concrete into the backhoe front bucket and transfer it to the crossing in the field. We become old hands at this operation when pouring the trestle foundations.

Getting the pile of concrete in the right place was pretty easy. To smooth it out takes a bit more effort. This guy it toooooo old for physical labor!

Pouring the driveway crossing.

Where did the track go?

The track is back. Dick is using the big float.

Clee is finishing between the rails --- on a railroad flat car of course. Note that Kathy is doing her share.

Dick is putting finishing touches on the crossing in the field.

Final touches on the driveway crossing. Before you ask --- the plan was to adjust the pad size to fit the available concrete. We should be able to run trains over the driveway and across the truss bridge next weekend. It won't be long until the entire loop will be in operation. Dick has a full size crossing gate for here ---- and it is the correct scale since the autos on the driveway are full scale.

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