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March 13, 2013 - Spring Planning

Spring is just around the corner so the web master came out of hibernation and learned that Dick now has an operating backhoe. He also learned that the April 12-14 work weekend has been cancelled due to a conflict with Cabin Fever. The past weekend was sunny and much was accomplished by those who came for the work weekend. Some photos taken yesterday are below.

Logging Line: The photo on right shows the logging line to the west of the trestle. With all the leaves gone the snake curve is very visible but very drab. Hopefully this is the last snow of the year. The green of spring will sure be a welcome sight.

This is the horseshoe curve at the west end of the logging line. The switchbacks are also visible in the photo. The curve is not uniform and has at least one segment with very sharp radius. Now that the disabled bulldozer have been moved it should be possible to lay out a more uniform curve.

Main Line Extension: This is probably the biggest job for 2013. Much was accomplished last fall and winter. This photo shows the passing siding on the west side of the ravine. The track has about a 1 % up grade here (according to Dick's I phone).

This is the west end of the passing siding. The track curves to the north to a 50 foot long bridge.

This is where the bridge goes. The poles are for the southern abutment. Three towers similar to those on the trestle are required. The holes for the northern most tower foundation are beside the wheelbarrow.

This photo shows the start of the track on the north side of the bridge leading into the reverse loop. Many of the track panels have been fabricated and much of the grading has been completed. Dick has rails, wood for ties and steel for the bridge. All that is needed is a bit of sunshine and lots of helping hands.

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