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May 11, 2013 - Main Line Extension

It rained late in the week which made the road up the ravine too muddy for the backhoe to haul the beams to the bridge site so we shipped them by rail.

The closest track to the bridge site is the logging line.

The operation was very slow --- if the beam fell off in this area it would be nearly impossible to get it back on the cars.

It was cool and damp with intermittent light rain --- but the train must get through.

The bridge towers were hauled up by rail earlier in the day. That is the horseshoe curve on the logging line in the foreground. The track has been removed for construction access to the bridge site. The curve radius will be increased when the track is put back down. That curve was a major derailment point.

Ed is welding the bottom of one of the towers to the base channels. Much work remains to get the beams lifted into position and everything painted. After that construction of the bridge deck can commence.

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