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May 27, 2013 - Spring Meet

It was really cool on Thursday and Friday, a bit warmer on Saturday and Sunday with lots of sun and then rain on Monday. There was a good crowd on Saturday. Some photos are in a slideshow(click link). All the photos were taken on Saturday and most were taken on the western part of the railroad where construction was underway.

Main Line Extension: The crew made a real push and got the main line extension open without signals and passing siding on Saturday. This photo taken on Thursday shows Wayne welding the bridge railing.

Sometime between Thursday afternoon and Saturday someone installed the bridge cables.

The crew had the loop ballasted late Saturday morning. This is the northeast corner of the loop.

This photo was taken further around the curve from the previous one.

This is the future passing siding and yard.

This photo is taken looking at the future yard from the opposite direction of the previous photo (looking northeast).

These folks are taking a break in the area of the new yard on the reverse loop. The next task will be to get the sidings laid and ballasted. Signals are also required for the two new blocks. Power is not available in the area so we're evaluating kerosene signal lanterns, smoke & mirrors and solar panels.

The horseshoe curve on the logging line was removed to provide access to the main line extension bridge site. This provided an opportunity to reshape the curve that had become egg shaped. Photo shows Clee tying in the restructured curve Saturday morning.

The curve is in place in this photo taken mid afternoon Saturday.

Dick delivered the ballast a few minutes after previous photo was taken. Sometime between then and Monday evening the ballast was spread and tamped. The logging line is back in operation!

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