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Jul 22, 2014 Update

Georgia John made stops for the transfer table tracks. Rotate them horizontal to pass; rotate vertical to stop. They are spring loaded and lock in the stop position. Neat! The signals team added solar powered lights to the ends of the transfer table to illuminate the protruding rails --- need a night shot to properly shown the effect.

Shed Roof: A roof was added to the west side of the Maintenance of Way Shed. We sure could have used the help of skinny Michigan Bob who can slither out on these roofs and install the attachment screws. We have an apprentice roofer who's a bit heaver than Bob but younger so if he falls off he'll probably not be hurt much.

This photo shows the completed roof. The plan is to move the rail punch to the left side and the large air compressor (under the the backhoe bucket) to the right side. Photographer Dan wanted to take a video of the construction but said he couldn't do slow motion.

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