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April 19, 2015: April showers hit on the 9th and caused a flood.

Apparently debris blocked the culvert under the driveway causing the pipe to collapse and then eroded the dirt out from under the cement slab.

The is the view of the culvert from the downstream side. Note that there is a foot gap between the culvert and the bottom of the cement slab.

Dick and crew removed the slab and damaged culvert pipe in preparation for installing a new pipe.

This is the new 5 foot culvert ---- the old one was 4 foot diameter. It arrived at about 9:30 AM yesterday.

The guys hooked a chain on one end of the pipe and used the dozer to pull it straight and then they rolled it in place. Dick used the back hoe to nudge it to the exact position and hold it in place while Cle pushed dirt and gravel into the hole.

The gravel truck arrived just before the pipe delivery truck left. This photo shows Cle pushing the gravel into the hole. That is a second truck with ballast behind the dozer.

The ballast truck made it across the new culvert to dump the ballast and is shown heading back out. It was about 11 AM. That is the telephone technician to the right of the truck; he is routing the telephone cable over the new culvert. We now have access. The track to the Cle block ran over this culvert and that will be out of service for a short while. It's possible a temporary grade crossing will be installed. Once everything settles a new slab with permanent crossing will be installed.

The flood also caused considerable damage in areas where sand was eroded and deposited. The sand piled up at the ends of drainage pipes blocking them. This photo show deposited sand and erosion at the south end of the Cle block passing siding.

There was also sand buildup at the exit of the drain pipe running from the bottom of sand hill. Photo was taken from the logging line looking north toward the barn. There used to be a deep ditch beside the driveway. Once Dick dug the sand out of the ditch he decided to extend the pipe 20 feet. That large rock will be moved the 20 feet to the end of the extension. This will make entry and exit to the parking area on the left much easier.

There are several broken trees around the track. This one is at the edge of of Barney yard. Dan is dragging the log free of overhead branches as Brian supervises.

Some goods news is that all the electrically operated switches are working. Many of the signals have been checked and are functioning properly. The Mountain Division is in pretty good shape except for ballast erosion on the Sandhill block and it might have been repaired this weekend. Both Barney and Coshocton yards are in good shape.

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