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March 25 & 26 work session postponed to April 1 & 2, watch this video this weekend instead!

Due to the unusually cold and wet weather forecasted this coming weekend we will be postponing our second work session until the following weekend, April 1- 2. No this is not an April fool's joke but I'd expect to see a few at our next work session.

Also, since you have all this extra time this weekend you should click on the video link provided on the main page of our website. It's a very interesting YouTube video on Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries versus traditional batteries. I found this video very interesting and am considering testing this newer type of battery versus standard lead acid or AGM batteries. They also tested 6-volt batteries with some very interesting results. Since lithium iron phosphate batteries have a higher up front cost and are considerably lighter than a traditional battery these batteries may not work well when you are on a tight budget or want to use the weight of the battery for tractive effort. None the less, a very interesting video indeed and the results may surprise you, I know they did for me. I have also attached the YouTube link here as well.

Have a great week and we hope to see you on April 1st and/or 2nd!

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