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Mill Creek Central RR - Preconvention Projects List

As we prepare for Mill Creek Central Railroad's 22nd season of operation we thought it would be beneficial to provide our volunteers and supporters with a list of projects that we are in the process of planning for the 2021 season, with the hope of completing them before the Buckeye Limited Convention in 2023. The list is extensive and we know some of the projects will take more than a year to complete but with your help we can accomplish so much and with your support we can continue to improve the track for our patrons. Anyone interested in leading one of these projects, please let us know!

  • Continue signal , turnout and derailer upgrades

  • Rebuild diamond in Barney Yard

  • Cut expansion spaces in track on Keith Block bridge

  • Finish Northern & Mikado upgrades headlight, air compressor, battery, flip rods

  • Install/replace 2 bay hopper air brakes, from vacuum to air - 22 cars

  • Install new air brakes on an additional 28 railcars

  • Install remaining safety chains in Mill Creek Central's car fleet

  • Apex yard, new car barn construction

  • Cement McCloy Lane above recently replaced culvert and final grading, seed

  • Cement 2 crossings in the APEX area, currently wooden

  • Rearrange track at Tower and Bryan

  • Mountain Division Expansion Project List

    • Additional tree removal and drainage development

    • Finalize grading of new mainline

    • Construct new 50' bridge to new loop

    • Possible construction of tunnel in new loop

    • Construct a minimum of 7 new switches for mainline

    • Construct numerous industry switches

    • Acquire materials for expansion (wood, rail, & fasteners)

    • Cut ties for 2,900' of mainline and passing sidings

    • Construct 250 track panels

    • Install track panels, ballast, level and final grade

    • Install mile-markers and signaling

  • Roof on shop deck

  • Enclose south end of shop

  • Install riding seat and motorize main transfer table

  • Upgrade performance of smaller transfer table

  • Construct new engine house for electrics in Barney Yard

  • Install B&O signal by caboose

  • Construct a viewing platform halfway up stairs to Tower

  • Acquire and place 2 containers for storage, roof

  • Lower turntable repair

  • Concrete new tower crossing after track rearrangement

  • Repair concrete mixer

  • Acquire and spread 57’s on driveway

  • Acquire and continue spread of 8’s in the yard(s)

  • Paint switch throws

  • Rezero and change mile marker numbers (Clee loop marker adjustment)

  • Grade profile, label on mile markers

  • Remove two(+) trees in creek and many in new right-of-way

  • Develop schematics of property for high voltage (120+) and drainage

  • Design roundhouse, prep site, run new 240 volt line and construct

  • Repaint and stencil caboose

  • Backhoe brake and fuel line repairs

  • Maintenance on Circuit Breaker Cabinets

  • Bathroom Spruce up

  • Replant annuals and flower bed cleanup

  • Continued maintenance of track, ballasting outer ties and leveling

  • Continued maintenance and mowing of property

  • General equipment maintenance and repairs

  • Spring and Fall Cleanups

Tie-in for new extension being constructed on the Mountain Division.

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