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Jan 1, 2010: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Vanderkarr Meat Packers: This past fall Bob Vanderkarr installed the Vanderkarr Meats plant in the Vanderkarr Industrial area. Others are encouraged to provide scale buildings around the railroad. Some are considering providing small buildings which can also serve as storage facilities for their engines and cars. Buildings should be close to scale like Vanderkarr Meats and easy to maintain. One should consult Dick as to possible location and basic design before construction is started.

Lower Yard Turntable: Photos show first use of the turntable on December 30, 2009. It was about 20 degrees when work was started after breakfast--- brrrrrrr.

Fill is required in the pit and around the wall --- now that the turntable is operational the fill will be delivered by rail.

Construction of a 12 stall roundhouse off the turntable will start in the next couple weeks --- weather permitting. Stalls should be available for leasing in the spring. Contact Dick to reserve your 16 foot by 20 inch stall.

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