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Caboose Photos

The caboose was originally with the Pittsburgh & Lake Eire and built in about 1949.   Dick bought it two years ago and then arranged to have it moved by rail to the Ohio Central yard in Coshocton.   The final ~ 5 mile move to Mill Creek Central was made over the highway.  The following photos record the highway move on September 29, 2008.

Before jumping into the actual move it is appropriate to point out that considerable advance preparation was required.  A level site had to prepared and ties, rail and ballast installed.   The brake linkage on the caboose had to be disconnected so that the body could be lifted off the trucks and transported separately.   The route had to be surveyed and the height of all overhead wires determined (a clearance of 14' 2" was required).   

The job started a little before 8 AM and was complete and equipment gone at about 1:30 PM. 

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