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April 4, 2011 - Lower Loop

Spring has arrived (sort of) at Werner's Fabrication Shop and the Truss Bridge is starting to take shape. The side shown in the photo (click thumbnail to enlarge) just fit in the shop. The side weighs about 850 lbs so a bit of planning was required to enable one man to do the fabrication.

Moving the bridge side to the trailer took a bit of help --- 5 old geezers, a really strong young weightlifter and a hydraulic table on wheels. Dick has the backhoe reassembled so unloading should be much easier. Bruce's productivity is peaking so it's a race to see if the bridge parts are ready before the foundation is finished.

Clee has been busy too. The site is graded and work has stated on the abutments.

This structure will form the abutment on the west end (end closest to the camera in the photo above). Everything on this project is heavy; this structure probably weighs several hundred pounds.

A masonry abutment will be used on the east side of the bridge.

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