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July 21, 2010 - Prep for Convention:

Temp Tracks:

The photo shows a temporary yard that has been constructed south of Orchard to accommodate some of the rolling stock expected at the Discover Live Steam Convention. Click photo to enlarge.

Steaming Bays:

The new steaming bays are nearing completion thanks to the help of diggers, plumbers, welders, electricians and hopefully painters in the next day or so. Doesn't the area look neat? Check out the new paint on the MOW office.


The nightshift has be excavating the Whitaker swamp for many months. The swamp has now been drained with the dirt from ditches used to make a dry flat area for a future yard. The photo is taken looking south into Whitaker. The north end of a new passing siding is just visible.

This photo shows the new siding and the north end of the flat area on the right for the new yard.

This photo shows the location for the new yard. There is room for three yard tracks.

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