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Apr 24, 2010

In spite of the periods of light rain much was accomplished this weekend including a lot of track work in the main yard and removal of most of the ramp on the west end of the transfer table track.

Hoist: The hoist project is nearing completion. Bruce Werner stopped by Friday to weld up the base and to make the three tracks for the top. Saturday Brad Wucik burned some holes for us so we could complete the assembly. The hoist worked great until we tried to roll it over a high spot in the concrete between the

rails. After a bit of brain storming it was decided to make a design improvement so the bottom wouldn't drag --- Brad lowered the wheels a couple inches. The picture shows some of the crew on Saturday. We're considering some additional stiffening but will probably postpone that until we've used it for while. Motorized propulsion is also under consideration.

Roundhouse: The first few doors were fitted to the roundhouse to verify the design. The remaining 10 doors can now be finished and installed ---- hopefully before next weekend. The Michigan electrician came Saturday. If he has time, we may have some lights and power by next weekend. One of the challenges with a near scale building is that we don't have scale engineers to get in the locomotive to drive it out or to push out cars. Dan Staron solved this by making a long handled fixture (dubbed the hooker) which hooks over a coupler so that a car or locomotive can be pulled out.

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