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June 18, 2010:

Storage Tracks: The storage tracks on the south end of Barney yard have been rearranged so that a track could be added (three switches and tracks removed and replaced with four switches and tracks). Brody took the lead on this job. Nice track work!

Transfer Table Ramps: The new transfer table can be lowered much closer to the ground than the old transfer table so the ramps were lowered as shown in the two photos on the right. The lower ramps make the area seems more open because it is easy to walk over the low ramps. The upper photo shows the west end of the transfer table track where a second track was added to the north side leading to the passenger siding. A third track was added to the lowered east end ramp as shown in the lower photo.

New Turntable: The turntable shown in the photo is being added north of the east side transfer table ramp. This turntable will provide access to about a dozen steaming bays. That is an auto hoist hydraulic cylinder that can be raised to the level of the steaming bays and lowered to match up with an ground level entrance/exit rack. (Click on photo to enlarge it.)

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