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September 15, 2011 - Logging

The logging locomotive meet is in less than a month away (October 7-9) so some logging photos are just the ticket to get everyone in the mood.

Mark Mihalyi brought his new "Tool & Saw Maintenance Car" out for the Labor day meet. See photos below (click the the thumbnails to enlarge images). Those of us that use the roundhouse are delighted to see these great housing cars in the roundhouse --- the expectation is that the rodents will abandon their nests in our smoke boxes and tender tanks and move into the fancy housing. A few days after Labor Day a dead rodent was observed on one of the fancy houses ---probably died as a result of a domestic quarrel or a fight over the best house.

Logging Line Excavation: Clee had been busy excavating the extension of the logging line. Currently the track ends about 200 feet north of Doran Wye. Clee has the rough excavation up the south side of the ravine under the trestle continuing to near the back of the ravine and then reversing following the north side of the ravine to the plateau several hundred feet west of the power lines. There is a switchback on the south side of the ravine just before the track turns north to cross the ravine. The first photo below is taken from the trestle looking southeast towards the wye. The second photo is also taken from the trestle but is looking west up the ravine; the excavation is barely visible through the leaves. The third and subsequent photos are taken along the excavation starting at the end of the current track just north of the wye. The last three photos are on the plateau on the north side of the ravine.

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