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May 13, 2012 Update

The Mill Creek Central flag is a new addition. It stands straight out in a slight breeze except when one wants to take a photo. (Click thumbnails to enlarge images.)

Giant Frogs are back: These critters sure make a lot of noise. Maybe it wants someone to kiss it so it will turn into a prince or princess.

Trees: Another cherry tree went down along the creek next to the roundhouse --- the creek eroded under the roots. Photo shows Randy cutting another tree with eroded roots before it goes down on the roundhouse.

Here Mike is working to pull the tree top out of other trees.

This photo shows the remaining logs that Clee will haul off for firewood. The branches have all been cleaned up and burned.

Logging Line: Dick and Clee have made the switches for the switchbacks. Photo shows that the track is almost to the lower switchback.

Whitaker: Randy continues to work at Whitaker. Last year he was shoring up the bank that was slipping into the gulley. That appears to be holding so he should be able to install the remaining part of the west most siding. Photo shows a new switch in that west most siding for a branch into the woods to the west.

Clee and Dick are examining the dozer in background in the previous photo. This photo shows the dozer from the opposite direction. There is a problem ----- it seems to always turn to the right. They'll figure it out.

MAMX1001: Last week a huge rail car --- the MAMX1001 arrived at the neighboring Conesville power plant with a new transformer. the car has 18 axels and 36 wheels.

This is the shipping tag on the transformer. The 346,670 kilograms converts to about 763,000lbs.

The car is too long to get a good photo. This photo shows one of the two identical ends. An operator rides in the cab at each end. The operator can shift the pivot of the load from side-to-side to accommodate tight curves with obstructions adjacent to the track such as a curved tunnel. More photos of the MAMX1001 are at

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