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June 14-17, 2012 - Summer Meet

Friday and Saturday were beautiful with warm temperatures and unusually low humidity. The normal Ohio humidity returned Sunday with a bit of much needed rain. Click Slideshow to view a slideshow of some photos. Thanks to Frank Groza for providing most of the photos for the slideshow.

Crossing Gate Pole: The pole has been erected and painted! This is just the beginning of this project as the control box weighs about as much as a small auto and the gate mechanism is nearly as heavy.

Main Line Extension: This is the new grade crossing over the driveway just north of the gas well at Apex. The roadbed is graded nearly all the way back to the west end of the ravine where the next bridge will be erected.

Logging Line: The track is completed through the lower switchback switch and on up to the upper switchback switch. That is Raccoon Valley Lumber Heisler No 2 on the lower switchback tail.

The track between the two switches of the switchback is all tied together but still needs some ballast.

This is the view from the upper end of the switchback looking into the upper tail. The track crew seems to be able to lay track faster than the track panels can be fabricated. Great job!

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