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June 29, 2012 Update

Frank Groza sent some more photos of the summer meet which were added to the Slideshow.

Logging Line: The track crew has made considerable progress on the logging line. Photo on right shows the lower leg of the switchback.

This is the upper leg of the switchback, now complete.

This photo shows the track beyond the switchback as it enters into the horseshoe curve. A switch to a siding on the right will be located just beyond the tack end. There will be a grade crossing just this side of the dozer. That crossing will probably be poured in the next few day.

The barely visible string in this photo marks the location of the mainline bridge which is will be about 60 feet beyond the logging line track.

It was warm on Wednesday but the humidity was very low for Ohio and so relatively pleasant. The old guys built a couple hundred feet of track panels in the shade of the steaming bay. The humidity returned Thursday.

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