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July 6, 2012 Update after the storm

The storm hit early evening Friday June 29th. This photo shows Dick adding fuel to his generator this morning (Friday July 6). The power crews were working on the lines near the driveway so power probably came back on before dark.

Fortunately neither buildings nor the track were damaged. However, there were many trees and branches down and nearly every track block was blocked. All the track has been cleared as of today but there are numerous brush piles like the one in the photo on Keim block.

This is not typical for a cherry tree --- cherry trees normally topple by pulling the roots out of the ground.

Logs from trees that missed the roundhouse when they fell.

Logs just east of the truss bridge

This double trunk maple was at the fork of the upper switch of the logging line switchback.

This photo taken about ten days ago shows that upper switchback switch ---- sure was a nice flowing curve around the tree.

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