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July 27, 2012: Logging Line

A grade crossing was constructed on the logging line near the U curve at the west end of the ravine. This is the third grade crossing constructed this year so the crew is getting efficient. The first step was to make the crossing section using steel rail and plastic ties (Clee did that ahead of time). The crossing section was then removed and Dick and his hoe called in to do the excavation as shown in photo.

Next, the crossing section was put back in place and supported by rebar driven into the soil. The forms were then constructed. The curved forms look pretty good. The next step was to mix up about a dozen 80 lb bags of Quickcrete. The area was shaded at the start of the mixing but as the job progressed the area came into full hot sun.

Photo shows the finishing crew putting a city finish to the concrete surface - a bit out of place on the back woods rail line. Note the journeyman puts his back into the project while the apprentice uses a bit less force. The grade is finished to near the end of the line and there are no crossing or bridges so the next holdup will be track panels. Hopefully the line will be complete in time for the logging meet in mid October.

Storm Damage: Clee is touching up the track alignment where the big dip was. The track is back to full speed operation but some cleanup of logs and branches remains.

Photo shows the damaged section of track.

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