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August 17, 2012 -More Construction-Crossing Gate

The crossing gate is taking shape with the arm installed and the control box put in place. This will likely be a long project because there is much to the control system such as batteries, a charger and control relays. A sensing circuit to determine when a train is approaching will also have to be designed and constructed.

Raccoon Valley Lumber: The engine house/car bar is finished as is the rotary switch and the tracks into the structure. The through track needs to be extended past the building and the steaming bay at the end of the right-most track must be constructed.

This is the view of the north side where the steaming bay will be located. Compressed air needs to be piped from the compressor in the building and spotlights need to be attached to the trestle tower just to the left of the ties. The ties serve as a retaining wall and steps between the steaming bay and the engine house. This project should be completed by end of next week.

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