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September 9, 2012 - Track Diagram

Work is underway to update the track diagram to reflect all the summer construction. A preliminary version can be downloaded by clicking the link Track9_9_12.pdf. The file is a pdf. One can use the + and - tools in the pdf viewer to enlarge various areas of the diagram for more detail.

Some of the changes are:

Whitaker: This is in the southwest corner of the diagram. The tracks at the start of the loop were changed in anticipation of the main line extension. A spur off to the west was added. This spur will lead to Termite Lumber.

Logging Line: This construction is currently the main focus with completion planned by the Logging Locomotive Meet October 12-14. The Raccoon Lumber complex under the trestle is complete. The track to the west end of the ravine and back up the north side of the ravine is in place but the last ~400 feet needs ballast. There is about 400 feet to go to the turntable. The turntable bridge has been constructed, the area graded and the center bearing concrete platform poured. The outer ring should be formed up and poured next weekend. This track has more curves than shown on the diagram; the diagram will be corrected as time permits.

Main Line Extension: The main line extension will run from Whitaker to the west end of the ravine and then to a loop at the north end of the property. The start of the track was laid last summer and the concrete driveway crossing poured. Most of the grading has been completed. A ~ 45 foot long 7 foot high curved wood trestle is planned for where the track crosses the west end of the ravine. This project will become the main focus after the logging line is completed. Hopefully we'll get a start on the trestle over the winter. The proposed tack as shown on the diagram is a rough approximation.

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