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November 18, 2012 - Main Line Extention

Main Line Extension: The track crew has been taking advantage of Indian Summer to lay and ballast track. The Track Diagram has been updated (click thumbnail on right to download pdf) to show tack laid to near the bridge at the west end of the ravine. A 7-1/2" X 11" print of the plan is readable (reading glass for you old folks) buy best detail is achieved by using the magnify tool in a pdf reader.

This photo shows the track just north of the start of the extension. Note stack of track panels.

The tack is heading west here, just around the bend from the previous photo. The track is nearly level here.

The first passing siding shown here starts just beyond the track in the previous photo. Very little if any grade here.

The siding ends just before the long curve leading to the bridge.

This long curve ends at the bridge over the gulley.

Ed and Brody (head in firebox) pushing a load of track panels up the Logging Line. They just passed Beaver siding. Possum tail of the lower switchback is visible down the slope.

The crew is pushing the panels up Fox siding in this photo. (The names of the Logging Line sidings are noted on the latest Track Diagram.)

Adding panels to the large stack along the right-of-way on the planned return loop.

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