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April 4, 2013 - Ice Age?

With morning temperatures in the teens it appears that the next ice age has started. There have been reports (unconfirmed) of polar bears in the area heading south but it may have been some of the snowbirds turning around and heading back to Florida.

Signals: The signals have all been checked and one open wire has been repaired. The rubber boots around the trigger springs on the Square D switches seem to slip out of position after about a year of use which allows water to enter the top of the mechanism. The water in turn cases the mechanical parts to corrode and begin to stick. The heads of all these units were removed, inspected, cleaned, lubricated and the boots affixed in place with silicon adhesive.

Main Line Extension: We now have an operating backhoe and dozer and it has been dry enough to move dirt. The photo shows the location of bridge just east of the horseshoe curve on the logging line. Note that the track to the south back to Apex is already completed.

This photo shows the track heading north from the bridge into the reverse loop. Drainage ditches have been dug along the north side of the loop Some grading is still required on the north side of the loop to bring the track bed down to the desired elevation.

This is the steel for the new bridge.

New Apartments: Dick and Brody installed this Martin house on Tuesday.

New Structures: These structures were constructed by a local high school class. Need painting before they are moved to permanent location.

4-0-4 Locomotive: Brody has pulled drivers on the Northern to free up a sticking part of the suspension and to replace a worn rod bearing.

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