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April 26-28, 2013 First Run Meet: Line Extension

Friday and Saturday were cool but sunny. Sunday was wet and miserable. The crowd was small but everyone had free run of the track. There was no visiting steamers. Dick's Termite Lumber locomotive was being fired up when the photographer left on Saturday afternoon. Click slideshow for photos of the equipment and operators.

The nice weather was utilized by the construction crew to work on the main line extension. This photo shows the finished roadbed on the north side of the reversing loop. The drainage ditches got tested on Sunday.

A half dozen or so trees had to be removed. Last week there was a huge pile of brush where Clee is running the dozer All that remains of the pile is some chips and a few stumps.

The water line was extended from the faucet at Tower siding over the ridge to the Logging Line and the reversing loop on the Main Line Extension.

This crew is resolving a backhoe starting problem.

Randy has come out of hibernation and is working on the Main Line Extension drainage ditches.

This crew is re-positioning a building in anticipation of the Apex reverse loop becoming a siding.

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