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May 4, 2013 - Slideshow Problems

The slideshows won't run on the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE10. The slideshows do run on earlier versions of Internet Explorer as well as other browsers. The problem is probably a bug in IE10 that they will likely be fixed at some point. Meanwhile, if you have IE10 and want to view the slideshows, suggest you use Google Chrome or Firefox, etc.

May Line Extension: Clee has the grading complete for the reverse loop and has started laying track. This photo is the view looking northeast from the north end of the future bridge.

This is further up the track where it starts to bend north.

This grade crossing is just beyond the start of the curve. The crossing is in line with a crossing on the logging line about 100 feet to the east.

The concrete was poured on Thursday. Dick is checking his email as we took a break.

The job is complete except for the final finish to be done after the concrete dries a little. Everything is loaded up for the trip down to the barn for lunch. This time we had a few bags left over --- to be used next week on the bridge tower foundations.

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