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Aug 2, 2013

The track is in pretty good shape for the Large Engine Meet next weekend. We've added a water point to the logging line just south of Hawk and to the reversing loop on the mainline extension. We're also working on burying signal wires for KEITH block on the mainline extension.

Wye: The track work on the mainline extension is complete so the track crew moved on to a project at the wye. A second track was added on the tail of the wye as shown here. The old track had a really steep grade so about a foot of dirt was removed to make it flat.

The dirt removed from the wye is being used to shore up this track on Clee block. Note how green the grass is--- unusual for August. However several inches of rain every few days keeps things green --- and the ditches full.

One of the switches at the south end of Benny block was replaced--- the switch was a wye switch rather than a right hand switch. That wye switch will be used as part of the third side of the wye that is being added so it will no longer be necessary to use Benny siding as part of the wye.

Dick says this is a tree frog. It is sitting on some boards that were stacked in one of the trestle towers. Guess it looks like a tree to the frog. The boards are about four feet off the ground so the frog must be a high hopper.

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