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Oct 8, 2013

There has been a lot of changes and additions over the last few months so it was time to update the track diagram. The diagram shows the new spur off Tower Siding and the tracks for the planned car barn. The position of the 100 foot markers on the main line extension and the Logging Division have been added to the diagram. The pdf file at Track10_8_13.pdf gives good detail using the shrink/magnify tools of the pdf viewer.

The guys continue to add/modify the track so the diagram above is preliminary--- we'll wait until it is too cold to work outside to do a final update. The switch in photo is the start of a new siding just south of the bridge in KEITH block (Main Line Extension).

This summer Clee dozed a path around the pond on the hill. To reach the pond go about 150 yards west of the grade crossing by the gas well and then turn north on the trail for about 25 yards. There is vegetation floating on the surface that the ducks eat--the duck trails are visible on the pond surface. The pond looks treacherous as one never knows what lurks below the surface.

This summer Bob Cushman has been refurbishing the hopper cars, paying special attention to the brake systems. Photo shows a string of the hoppers. These hoppers do dual service also hauling logs from the many downed trees. Maybe we can put them into service during the logging meet this weekend.

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