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Apr 5, 2014

Spring has finally arrived and the temperature is above freezing most days. The winter left its mark on the driveway crossing --- the concrete bent up on the ends. Photo shows the under construction new crossing which was raised a couple inches to keep sand from filling the area between the rails.

Last Fall Clee leveled a place for parking under the power lines. AEP visited recently and determined that the lines are too low so AEP is going to lower the area a couple more feet --- much bigger parking lot.

The car bar just north of the trestle is progressing.

Dick and Dan got the Gravely trencher out of retirement and tuned it up to dig some trenches for power

cables. There will probably be many other uses.

This winter Dick replaced the men's room toilet and painted the floor.

The women's room was also finished with new fixtures and paint. Sorry ladies, no shower. The men will probably let you shower over in their room.

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