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April 21, 2016

Work continues on reshaping the yard and surrounding area at Middletown. The Maintenance Of Way (MOW) shed was moved about 100 feet north to just north of the road.

Work on the track around and through Varian tunnel is progressing. The lips between the tunnel segments have been cut out and a 4" drain pipe has been laid the length of the tunnel (top photo). A base of large gravel is being poured around and over the pipe. The track bed from the north end of the tunnel around to the north end of Wilson siding has been graded and the track re-laid. The track needs to be ballasted. (2nd and 3rd photo). The track bed from the south end of the tunnel to the north end of Tower siding has been graded and the track is being re-laid (note Clee in bottom photo). There is a catch basin at the tunnel portal to keep water from entering the tunnel. A drainage channel needs to be finished from the catch basin to the hillside to the east. Everything is ready for the installation of the track through the tunnel the work weekend of April 21- April 24.

This new tractor will be put to work moving ballast and gravel for the tunnel project.

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