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May 16, 2016

Frost this morning but the work goes on. The image on right shows a new track that will lead to a future transfer table north of the steaming bays.

We spotting these affectionate 3 foot plus creatures on Sandhill. We were working on the signals at the north end of Sandhill Block. They were so busy that they didn't notice us or didn't care if they had an audience. Details about how snakes mate are available on the Internet. Interestingly, male snakes are equipped with double barrels.

The upper photo in this pair shows Dick leveling the soil/gravel in a soon to be ash pit in Barney yard. The lower photo shows the pit after the stainless steel liner has been installed. The pit will be covered with heavy steel grates and then steel rails installed and welded to the grates. Dick says the ashes will be removed by using a water stream to wash them down over the hill. This ash pit is intended for use by solid fuel steam locomotives. However, Mill Creek Central strives to be inclusive of all locomotives so liquid burners are free to leak in the pit, propane burners are free to release a bit of gas over the pit and electric locomotives are free to drop worn out electrons into the pit.

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