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December 17 2015

Blacktop: A large section of the driveway has been blacktopped. This is the view from County Road 6.

This is the view looking toward the road. The blacktop extends to just beyond the caboose.

Middletown: The guys have been busy working on the area north of the steaming bays. The photo shows where the mound of dirt and tree at the north end have been removed. This open area will have many competing opportunities.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Dick and Cle dug a trench across Barney Yard and buried a 4" and a 6" drain pipe. The 4" pipe will connect to the steaming bay downspouts. The 6" pipe will connect to a catch basin near where the turn table used to be. That area was a little low and was wet after rain. Hopefully that problem is solved.

By about 2 PM Cle had the switch leading to the steaming bays and south yard exit reinstalled making the railroad operational again. With the sunshine and unseasonably warm weather the yard will likely be fully restored in a couple days.

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