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September 14, 2015 - New Sidings and Industries

This summer the track gang added three new sidings. A short siding was added off Stone Block, see map and photo at right. This is just south of the driveway grade crossing. That is where Randy usually parks his van.

New mine near trestle on Keith Block: The railroad has expanded to the property lines on the north, east and south so the only room to expand is off the Mountain Division to the west. The hillside just west of the trestle in Keith Block once had a small coal mine so it is proper to locate a model mine there. The map on the left below shows the details with a couple photos to the right of the map. The mine will be located in the hillside to the west of the double track siding. Cars will be pulled into the track on the north end and then backed into the double siding for loading.

New Wye, Siding and Mine at Whitaker: Clee and Randy have been working on the area around Whitaker for several years. The map shows the details of the new track. The wye enables many interesting switching opportunities. The forest is dense and the tracks curved so it is impossible to take one or two photos to show the entire complex so there are seven photos below. The first photo to the right of the map is taken from the north end just south of the start of Perry Block. The photographer then moved on the wye to the west for the next three photos . The last three photos are taken from the west end going east, the first from the hill above the west end and the next one near the west end of the wye and the last one looking south from the west end of the. The photos are not the best as it was a very bright day but most the track is in the forest shade with sunlight filtering through. The nearby forest would be an ideal location for a still --- model still of course.

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