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Aug 8, 2013

The track is in good shape for the Large Engine Meet this weekend. This update describes some of the recent projects. Photo at right shows the additional Wye track. It's a short radius--- about 40 feet. The large steamers can still use the Benny siding tracks for the wye function while smaller locomotives can use this new track and avoid the mainline.

This photo shows the switches at the intersection of the south side of the wye and the south end of Benny siding. These switches were reworked to make a smoother flow. The siding at the right will become the NS&O Interchange used to hold cars that are moving between the Valley Division and the Logging Division.

The ditching crew finished burying the signal cables for KIETH block - the last block on the Main Line Extension. The electronics experts will be installing the signals shortly.

Perry stained the stations built at the Career Center last school year. This one is located along Streets Siding in Clee block

This station is in the town of Bryan (Main Line Extension). Nice job by the students and Perry; a welcome addition.

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