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October 10, 2011: Logging Locomotive Meet

It was a beautiful weekend --- temperature in the 60s and 70s with clear skies. Unlike past years, the logging steamers worked really well. Several lost a few parts here and there but still managed to make it back to the yard. There were some lessons learned such as:

When your oil fire goes out and won't relight, checking for fuel in the tank should take higher priority than cleaning the fuel filter.

Gasoline makes poor hydraulic fluid in diesels.

Fire is great for steamers but bad news for battery powered locomotives.

Photo on right (click to enlarge) shows a stoppage on the mainline. The cause of this stoppage is unknown to the author so one is free to speculate --- possibly a lost contact lens?

A slideshow of photos from the meet are Slideshow. The following is a short description of the equipment at the meet. Apologies to anyone who was missed.

This is John Huizenga with his narrow gauge free lance Class A Climax.

Mark Mihalyi with his 3 truck Shay.

These log cars and Barnhart logger loader were made by Ken McCauley

Ted Kellerman brought this diesel and log cars from his Tionesta Valley Railroad.

Dick McCloy's freelance narrow gauge rod engine.

Tim Szabo and his three truck Climax

John Buckwalter brought this narrow gauge Shay from Florida. He is selling castings for this engine, information at BuckwalterShay.

Bob Wilson is using his Michigan Central Plymouth switchers here to blow leaves from the track.

Ken Hemmelgarn is firing up his two cylinder shay. It's a wood burner with Tee boiler. Ran great!

Chris Lairson with his freelance narrow gauge engine.

Dan Staron running his Shay. Dan learned recently that propane doesn't work very well if the smoke box is filled with a rodent nest.

Chris and Brody running Nelson Riedel's Shay and Heisler pulling Ken McCauley's log cars. Clickhere to view a short video of Chris and Brody trying to restrain these speedy locomotives.

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