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Clee Block revisions fully underway

One of the forms for the south end of the bridge.

After the fall blowdown, work began in earnest on the relocation of the mainline into Clee block. An enormous amount of work was completed this week. A large tree was felled, cut up and removed and the original line was removed, except across McCloy Lane, which will be removed in the spring when we replace the creek automobile crossing. We completed much of the grading and the forms were set for the new bridge. We also began laying the new mainline. We still need to cut out the roadway for the new rail crossing and then we will be able to pour concrete for the road crossing and the bridge abutments. Hopefully the weather holds!!

At map location C6 looking at what's left of Streets siding.

Revised track curve leading into bridge on the Clee block.

What remains of the prior mainline crossing on the north end of the road.  This should improve water flow during high water conditions.
Looking south at the new entrance into the Clee block where it will cross the road.

Rough location of the new mainline on the north side of McCloy lane as it approaches the new proposed bridge.

Looking north along the new mainline with the string showing where the bridge will be going.

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