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Clee Block Modification Update

Work continues, when weather permits, on the modification of the Clee Block. The trestle is complete and the track has its initial ballast work completed up to the creek. Progress should improve in the next few weeks as the weather breaks. Thanks to Chris Howell for the photos, Keith Blahoe for the I-beams as well as Clee and Dick for the construction of the beautiful new bridge!

Here is a view of the old crossing the traversed the creek at the same location as the access road. Since the replacement of the crossing a couple of years ago due to a washout of the road/culvert we have been having settling issues. Once the Clee Block is relocated and complete we plan to tear out this culvert crossing, put in a larger and longer pipe and concrete both ends to eliminate erosion. We also intend to widen the crossing to make it easier for longer trailers and wider RV's to cross without concern of dropping into the creek!!

New trestle into Clee Block Feb, 2019

Here is the result of the wind storm on February 24th, 2019. Dick and a few others were sitting at this location just 5 minutes before it came down! Jake mentioned while they were sitting there that it appeared that the tree had a crack in it.

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