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Final Regularly Scheduled Work Session before our first meet is this weekend, May 10 - 12!

So many thanks goes out to all of the volunteers who came out during the last work session. I believe we had 18 people!!! This was great due to the amount of work that needed to get done. We had several trees that had fallen or needed felled and with 3 chain saws running we moved a lot of wood, by train, to the splitting area. Also during the last work session we were going to try to get the Clee Block reconnected to the main line but with so much work to do we never got to the crossing. So for this week we will be trying to get the block reconnected and doing some track work.

Also this weekend Pat Murphy will be out to help us run some tests on several coals we have been able to collect for testing. Pat and Dick will be firing up a couple of steam engines on Saturday for the testing.

So thanks again for the last work weekend and we hope to see many of you this weekend so that we can be prepared for our first meet this season. As always, any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!

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