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Buckeye Limited 2020 Postponed to 2022

Due to the current pandemic and state of affairs Dick and the crew of Mill Creek Central Railroad regretfully must inform you that we have decided to move the 2020 Buckeye Limited Convention to 2022. To date we have had issues with reduced signups, trouble filling all our clinic speakers, issues with on-site food offerings and local eating establishments not being fully open in Coshocton, reduced supplier signup, volunteer availability and reduced assistance due to restricted working sessions this spring. These issues don't even include the potential risks and uncertainty of the effects of the virus as we start to open things up here this summer.

We are currently planning to have the convention now from August 2 - 6, 2022. We are delaying for two years due to the current uncertainties and also anticipating that Train Mountain will move forward with their Triennial next year. We hope that delaying will also allow us to complete some of our projects and maybe even a few track changes and upgrades so you'll want to come out and see what we've been doing!

Also, note that while we will not be having the full blown convention we will still be using the convention timeline (August 4 - 8) to hold our annual Large Engine Meet (subject to change due to any restrictions that may be placed on us). Of course we ask that you consider your health and the associated risks before you choose to attend.

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