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Buckeye Limited now Postponed to 2023

We have revised our scheduled Convention date. We will now have the convention from August 1 - 5, 2023. We are delaying the convention an additional year due to Train Mountain pushing their Triennial into 2022. We were anticipating that Train Mountain would move forward with their Triennial in 2021 but as most of you know they have moved it out a year, to 2022. We hope delaying the meet to 2023 will allow others to attend the Triennial in 2022 as well as our Convention in 2023. The further delay will allow us to complete some of our projects as well as a few track changes and upgrades, which we will describe in an upcoming post very soon. So stay tuned to our webpage and come on out to the track if you want to see what we've been doing!

Also, we have added the "Official" Buckeye Limited 2017 video to our webpage for your enjoyment!! At the top of the website just pull down the menu (for phones) or click on "video" and then click on "Buckeye Limited 2017 Official Video". Enjoy!

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