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Coshocton Fall Farm & Foliage Tour - Work & Play Weekend

This weekend, October 21st through the 23rd is our Fall Work & Play Weekend where we do a little work early in the weekend followed by some running later in the weekend. This year's weekend will be a little different. Mill Creek Central Railroad is hosting the Coshocton County Fall Farm & Foliage Tour where the track will be one of several sites in the county visited by the tour. We are expecting up to 2,000 people on Saturday and Sunday so we would appreciate any help that we can get from our volunteers. We already have quite a few volunteers who have agreed to operate their equipment to provide rides for the public and we could use additional help with rides, equipment, traffic control and anything else that needs done to make the event successful. We will be starting the work session on Friday to prepare for the two day event on Saturday and Sunday. The ride will be an abbreviated route that will run from Clee loop, up to the Creek block, through Henry block and past Coshocton Yard and back into the Clee loop in the Valley Division. Any help, especially on Sunday, would be greatly appreciated. For more information on the tour visit Hope to see you there!

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