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Mill Creek Central Labor Day Weekend Meet - Card Order

Come join us this weekend for our last Card Order meet of the season. The weather is expected to be perfect!! We will be running Friday through Monday, with card order from Friday through Sunday. If you didn't attend the Dispatch Operations meet last weekend then you really missed out. It was a lot of fun and during that meet we placed most of the cars into the proper industries in preparation for this meet. Thanks goes out to Charlie Hallman for his incredible work in making the Dispatch Operations Meet a great success!!!

Also, if you are coming to the track, eastbound from Newark on Ohio State Route 16, please note that the road is closed to all eastbound through traffic on the two lane portion of the road and the state has you exiting on Ohio State Route 60. One way around this is after being forced off of State Route 60 get right back on the State Route 16 entrance ramp (still being used for local traffic) and take the first road to the left. This will be Spease Road and is located at the bottom of the hill as it comes together to form 2 lanes. If you follow this road it (with the proper turns) will take you to County Road 6 and right past Mill Creek Central Railroad, which is 8.7 miles from this turn. Please use some form of navigation the first time you do this so you don't get lost! The road is a little meandering and narrow at times but has beautiful countryside so take your time as you travel it. Clearly you can also follow the recommended state route detour should you wish as well, it will just take a little longer to get to the track. If you are pulling a large trailer it may be best to follow the recommended state route. If you have any further questions feel free to give me a call. We hope to see you at the track!!

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