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Mill Creek Central Memorial Weekend Meet

Come join us this weekend for our first meet of the season. The weather is expected to be perfect!! We will be running Friday through Monday with card order from Friday through Sunday.

Please note that the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is again replacing parts of Ohio Route 16 between State Route 60 and Coshocton. They are managing this by diverting/detouring all eastbound traffic and allowing westbound traffic to remain open. Also, last year we were recommending diverting traffic down County Road 6, near State Route 60, to get around this issue but due to a bridge replacement during the month of May on County Road 6 you will not be able to use this route. So for this meet, if you are coming in from Columbus and pulling a trailer, I would highly recommend that you follow the detour posted by the state and come into the track through Coshocton via State Route 16 to County Rd 6. The County has posted the bridge outage on County Road 6 (which is on the western end of the road) so it will help you get to the track safely. If you are not pulling a trailer there are a couple other routes you could take across some township roads via automobile, with many of them being gravel roads. If you have any further questions feel free to give me a call.

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